Marc Boldt will answer a reporter’s question, even if it’s from

Pretty much everyday I visit

It’s a pet project of David Madore, a former county councilor who lost reelection last year after a tumultuous time in office. I check it everyday because I’m curious to see how the website, which appears to have no ads, is operating. I want to see what they’re covering and if Madore’s influence is seeping into editorial content.

I was surprised earlier this week to see that Clark County council Chair Marc Boldt gave an interview to the website. If you will recall, Madore didn’t get along with Boldt, or a lot of people for that matter. In case you forgot, here’s a video of an exchange between Boldt and Madore.

The article on is pretty balanced and I didn’t see any indicators that Madore had instructed the writer to insert anything about Boldt being a fringe leftist who is ravenously seeking to abolish private property rights in order to force residents into dreaded high-density housing where they will pay their meager wages to their county overlords. But still, why would Boldt grant an interview to a website under the control of his former rival? I called him up.

“If a reporter asks a question I’m going to answer it,” explained Boldt. “It doesn’t matter who it is. I owe them just as much respect.”

He said that one of the lessons he learned from his time as a state representative was that a good reporter can make an elected official better at their job.

“Well, I’ve always believed that you have a job to do and I have a job to do and you respect my job so I respect yours,” he further explained.


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