Clark County GOP infighting goes IRL

Efforts to de-seat Clark County Republic Party chair David Gellatly are unwavering. In addition to the recent coup attempt by members of the Clark County Republican Board, numerous social media campaigns to remove Gellatly have popped up. RemoveGellatly, for example.

But that’s not all. The party infighting made its public debut when signs, like the one shown below, were posted around town.

CCRP Gellatly sign

This photo was published in the Facebook group “South West Washington Opinions” shows one of the RemoveGellatly signs displayed in Clark County.

Some are taking their distaste of Gellatly a step further and creating parody accounts. Dillatory Dave is a cartoon that has both its own Facebook page and website. The Blind Onions features CCRP board members Leslie Meharry, Jimmy Johnson and Clyde Holland. A website called SwampMemes features more than 80 memes mocking Gellatly and a few select members of the Clark County GOP.

Last but certainly not least, the social media campaign went IRL Wednesday when a handful of protesters holding signs adorned with phrases like “Clyde Holland Protects Abusive Disgraced County GOP Chairman” stood outside the Holland Partner Group around lunchtime.

I asked Gellatly for comment. Here’s what he said:

“There are a very few people looking to cause disruption and spread lies. They went as far as to pay people to hold signs in front of Mr. Holland’s office, and create false narratives on ridiculous websites all while hiding their own faces.David Gellatly

The purpose of the Clark County Republican Party is to elect Republicans to office. Myself, along the majority of good people within our party, remain focused on this purpose, despite the attempts to disrupt this purpose from this small minority of extremist views.

This attack has nothing to do with the false claims they think will damage the leadership’s reputation, the attack is solely due to extremists wanting control over our party and showing they are willing to say and do anything for their agenda.

If anyone has any questions with regards to the Clark County Republican Party, I am always happy to answer them and provide accurate information.”

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

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