Month: July 2017

Rivers won’t be doing work for Strategies 360 after all

With the Washington Legislature having finally finished its work, lawmakers have returned home to resume day jobs they’ve somehow managed to keep while being in Olympia for such long stretches […]

Herrera Beutler supports border wall, noncommittal on transgender troop ban

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $788 billion defense spending bill. In addition to giving the Pentagon a boost in funding, the bill has money for veterans […]

Clark County gets a new deputy manager

As of yesterday, Bob Stevens has one less hat to wear. Stevens is the county’s director of General Services and in 2015 was appointed as the first ever deputy county manager […]

First ballot count for primary election

On Friday, the Washington Elections Division released the first numbers on returned ballots for the primary election, which ends August 1. So far, 12,097 of Clark County’s voters or 4.9 […]

Voters in Clark County and Washington are not freaking out about Trump’s electoral commission

The Trump administration has some voters spooked. In May, President Donald Trump convened a commission tasked with looking at how the country’s electoral system is running, specifically the possibility of voter […]

Candice Jackson’s Wikipedia page update

Battle Ground’s own Candice Jackson may be one of the few people from the city to have her own Wikipedia page; she is the assistant secretary for civil rights at […]

Jim Karlock got kicked out of a League of Women Voters forum

If you’ve ever made it a habit to attend public meetings in Clark County there’s a good chance you’ve been in the same room with Jim Karlock. He’s a Portland-based conservative […]

Why Jim Rumpeltes won’t smile for our photos

When I showed up yesterday to interview Jim Rumpeltes, Clark County’s new interim manager, for his first day of work, a Columbian photographer, noticed his flat expression and asked him […]

Mayor and city council candidates share stance on firework ban

One look at the comments on our stories covering the fireworks ban and it's easy to see the topic could be a litmus test for many Vancouver voters as their […]

No, Jack Burkman isn’t investigating Seth Rich (at least not that Jack Burkman)

As a member of Vancouver City Council, Jack Burkman has a lot to think about. But he’s not working on resolving any lingering questions on what happened to Seth Rich, […]

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