Clark County gets a new deputy manager

As of yesterday, Bob Stevens has one less hat to wear.

Stevens is the county’s director of General Services and in 2015 was appointed as the first ever deputy county manager under the Clark County Home Rule Charter. Under the charter, the county manager must designate a “qualified” county employee as his or her deputy county manager. The job basically entails filling in for the county manager in case of an extended absence, which Stevens has had to do since May when Mark McCauley was unexpectedly ousted as the county’s top executive.

Yesterday, Stevens posted a letter from interim County Manager Jim Rumpeltes announcing that he had picked Kathleen Otto, the county’s director of Human Resources, as his new deputy county manager.

“I will comment more when I have time, but for now, this is a good thing,” wrote Stevens. “Jim made an excellent choice and I fully endorse this 100%.”

Rumpeltes said that Stevens resigned from the position and he assessed all the appointed department heads before picking Otto.

“My experience with her is she’s very capable and has experience with county-wide issues and those things were very important to me,” said Rumpeltes explaining his decision.

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