Voters in Clark County and Washington are not freaking out about Trump’s electoral commission

The Trump administration has some voters spooked.

In May, President Donald Trump convened a commission tasked with looking at how the country’s electoral system is running, specifically the possibility of voter fraud.

Voter fraud is an issue that Trump and has allies have trumpeted since before his ascendency to the White House. Trump, who lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton but prevailed in the Electoral College, has claimed, without evidence, that rampant voter fraud has occurred.

The commission has begun asking states for voter data. In Colorado, 3,400 voters, citing privacy concerns or the intent of the commission, have cancelled their voter registration, reports The Denver Post.

What about in Washington or Clark County for that matter? Are they so worried about how Trump might grab their voter data that they are unregistering? So far, they’re not.

Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey, who oversees elections, wrote in an email that his office doesn’t track voter registration cancellations related to this issue. However, he wrote, “We have had about 20 people contact us in response to the Presidential Commission and expressing interest in canceling their voter registration.”

Erich Ebel, communications director for Washington Secretary of State, wrote that last summer between June 28 and July 16, there were 3,031 cancellations, which he wrote is twice as many for the same period this year.

“So the data does not reflect that people are leaving our voter database in droves as some may claim,” he wrote. “As a matter of fact, Washington just set an all-time high number of registered voters in the state with 4.3 million.”


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