No, Jack Burkman isn’t investigating Seth Rich (at least not that Jack Burkman)

As a member of Vancouver City Council, Jack Burkman has a lot to think about. But he’s not working on resolving any lingering questions on what happened to Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer whose sudden death last year has spawned conspiracy theories that he was murdered in order to prevent him from leaking sensitive documents to WikiLeaks.

Earlier this week, Burkman had to explain that on Twitter:

Burkman tweet

This isn’t the first time Burkman has had to explain to the internet that his opinions are not the opinions of conservative lobbyist and political commentator Jack Burkman. “It’s been happening for quite a while,” said Burkman (the one that sits on Vancouver City Council.) In the past, Burkman has had his social media accounts light up when the other Burkman has made some controversial remark.

He recalled how in 2014 lobbyist Burkman said he was working on legislation to ban gay athletes from the NFL. The ploy turned out to be a PR stunt. But Vancouver’s Burkman caught so much heat that he changed his Facebook profile picture to the words “I am not THAT Jack Burkman” against a pride color backdrop.

“When he really goes off hard I’m contacted in every way of getting a hold of me,” he said. He said that after the other Burkman made remarks about Ethiopian cab drivers he was similarly attacked. Burkman said he’s even had CNN call him up thinking he was the other Burkman.

Despite being mistaken for his inflammatory nominal doppleganger, Burkman said he has no intention to change his Twitter handle.

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