Month: January 2014

Mielke & Madore have integrity and want 341 people to know it

Looks like someone is doing quite a project in the Clark County Board of Commissioners' office at the Public Service Center! Wow, the staffers are so busy they forgot to put […]

Benton, other directors received 4.5 percent raise

Clark County Director of Environmental Services Don Benton, who was appointed to the position in May by Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore, received a 4.5 percent raise (or "salary […]

Commissioner (selectively) quotes from Benton’s performance review

Retired labor leader Ed Barnes again criticized Don Benton, the state senator hired to head Clark County’s environmental services department, during the public comment portion of Clark County commissioners’ weekly […]

Who picks a fight with Pat Jollota about Clark County history?

This post took a surprising twist while I was gathering material, so we'll get to the headline in a minute. I wrote an article last year when Esther Short Park was […]

Royce Pollard lays boom on commissioners

Leave it to former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard to enliven an otherwise blasé Clark County commissioners hearing. During the public comment period Tuesday, Pollard sauntered up to the table like a […]

Chronic confessions: Which local pols have tried pot?

Unlike other businesses they are asked to create zoning regulations for, pot has evoked some strong negative feelings from some local elected officials. Part of what's influencing their feelings, of […]

Battle Ground, dazed and confused

You can't blame Battle Ground for being a bit foggy-headed when it comes to marijuana. The stuff has that effect (or, so I've heard). But it's becoming clear that the […]

Mielke’s plan for improving employee morale

  Awww, poor little table in the Board of Clark County Commissioners office at the Public Service Center. It's totally bare! It used to be home to issues of The Columbian […]

Puff, puff, pass – the sequel

In 2011 I wrote a post titled, "Puff, puff, pass," when county commissioners were stalling on adopting regulations for collective medical marijuana gardens. The title was fitting again this week, when commissioners […]

Madore: Let the public debate on Facebook

  The Clark County commissioners' work session on marijuana was attended by more than 60 people. That's a huge crowd, considering a reporter from The Columbian is often the only person […]

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