Month: February 2014

Saveur recipe takes us to old port city

I was looking for inspiration, and it arrived in the form of the March issue of "Saveur." Just last month, the magazine celebrated 20 years of inspiring cooks to do […]

Postscript to red lentils with lemon and cilantro

I love the red lentil soup that I posted on Oct. 4. It's perfect for fall and winter. Here's a variation that I came up with when I didn't have enough […]

Bean recipe morphed into navy bean soup

I figured out a thing or two about making navy bean soup over the weekend, and that wasn't my intention. I had planned to make Tuscan white beans, a recipe that […]

Black cod with garlic Yukon golds

This is a post about making-do with what I had on hand. It is also a post about what could have made the dinner better. There, I've said it. I […]

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