Month: June 2020

Are Masks Safe During Exercise?

Since both Governor Inslee and Governor Brown have mandated masks to be worn in all indoor, public locations to help stop the spread of Covid-19, many are concerned with whether […]

Weight Loss After The Quarantine

It is understandable if you gained some weight during the Stay-at-Home order. We were stressed and there wasn’t much to do. This caused many of us to binge on TV […]

Getting Back to Workouts

When gyms closed due to COVID-19, many exercise enthusiasts got out of their normal workout routine. Now that gyms are reopening, many people are struggling to get back at it. First, […]

Are You Ready For Your Gym To Reopen?

As Clark County gets close to transitioning to Phase 2, many smaller, boutique-styles fitness and training facilities are preparing to reopen. Larger fitness facilities will be allowed to open when […]

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