Good ideas… all night… lead to 6-nil romp over Alpha United

The vision of Portland players last night was superb - I lost track on all the 'good ideas' I saw but at least six of them resulted in six goals. For […]

Portland Timbers – Reality sets in…

I'll start with where I left off on my pre-match report to begin my post match analysis... "Sometimes what doesn't happen on the pitch is more valuable than what does happen... What […]

True test for Timbers…

It's not reasonable to push statistics aside for this game - to know that the LA Galaxy are one of the toughest teams in MLS you really do need to […]

Defending continues to remain a troubling issue as the Timbers US Open Cup run comes to an end…

A devastating result last night that really highlights all that has been pear-shaped for Portland this year... untimely defensive errors be them fouls in the Defending Final Third or simply […]

Preparing for FC Dallas…

In my previous article "Catching up on the Timbers"... I peeled back some statistical details on Portland's attack and defense - I'll not repeat that here but would recommend you […]

Catching up on the Timbers after Week 14

No question this past weekend was a huge success for the Timbers as they look to claw their way back up the standings. What hurt, to begin, was the quick goal […]

Cascadia Clash – Timbers vs Whitecaps – Excitement builds… gonna be a huge game!

The Portland Timbers closed out May like a lion this year - much more beneficial to their standings in the Western Conference then where they were to begin the month. The […]

Timbers Visit Red Bull Arena Saturday

I could offer quite a bit about this game but will defer to just a couple of diagrams and a few observations to go with. First the two diagrams... ┬áif you […]

Last minute madness on Mother’s Day…

At a loss... not quite but pretty bloody close. In considering the complete game many may walk away from this game feeling very disappointed; not me - and here's why... As noted […]

Match Preview – Portland Timbers vs New England Revolution

Perhaps you are still buzzing after that stellar victory in Kansas City last Saturday, if so best to (fah-geta-bout-it) and prepare for another tough game. Nothing ever comes easy in this […]

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