Month: September 2014

Gutted… in more ways than one!

A game of emotional highs and lows this past weekend - and I'd offer that ride gutted Caleb and his staff. Rarely have I seen Caleb offer less emotion than he […]

Good ideas… all night… lead to 6-nil romp over Alpha United

The vision of Portland players last night was superb - I lost track on all the 'good ideas' I saw but at least six of them resulted in six goals. For […]

Valeri’s Vicious Volley from Villafana Vanquishes Vancouver

It's not fair to specifically call out just one player, this game, as being the lone player that vanquished Vancouver. Nothing could be more further from the truth - but when […]

Champion’s League – Huge Win!!!

In a season of good game, bad game, great attack, and no-one in the back, it's welcoming to see the Portland Timbers win this game. Unlike some others I thought this […]

It is what it is…

Like just about everyone last night I was gutted and frustrated and narked all at the same time - it simply gets me in all the wrong spots when a […]

No Walk in the Park… and Certainly no Defense… Again!

If you read my pre-match on this game you know that this wasn't going to be a walk in the park; it wasn't, and after all said and done the […]

A walk in the Park – not likely…

For those thinking or feeling this game could go exactly like the 3-nil win against Vancouver last weekend it may be worthy to consider a couple of things. San Jose like […]

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