Month: July 2014

Montreal Impacted… Timbers Win!

If you watched the game you should know that the attack of Portland saved them again; and to be fair it's worthy to recognize just how effective this team was in […]

Impacting Montreal…

Another road game and one I'd expect the Portland Timbers to win... Why? To try and answer that here's some team defending characteristics of the Montreal Impact and how effective they are […]

Timbers win at home. Bout bloody time!

A game of two halves against Colorado?  Perhaps so... But in considering a match lasts a full 90 + minutes was it really two different halves or did a purposeful first […]

Taking the pulse of Portland prior to Providence Park tonight…

Tonight most know that Caleb Porter has already indicated the 'must win' phase of the year has begun.   If you missed that tidbit here's a link to the video the […]

Defending continues to remain a troubling issue as the Timbers US Open Cup run comes to an end…

A devastating result last night that really highlights all that has been pear-shaped for Portland this year... untimely defensive errors be them fouls in the Defending Final Third or simply […]

Portland Timbers visit LA Galaxy July 4th – National TV

To tarry on the ball will be costly - quickness, precision, and solid defense, to include great goal keeping, are a must today for the Timbers. A heavy task considering how […]

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