Month: May 2013

Match Analysis – Portland Timbers 5 – Wilmington Hammerheads 1

Piquionne packs a punch as Porter's Portland pulverize Hammerheads as they head home hoping highlights stay hidden - and to make matters marvelous Seattle Sounders "slither", slink, slide and slip […]

Match Preview – Portland Timbers vs Wilmington Hammerheads

Portland Timbers return home to a jazzed JELD-WEN in search of their first Cup win under the helm of Caleb Porter - in the words of Caleb earlier today 'we […]

Interview with Caleb Porter at Training today….

Interview at training today with Caleb Porter... some thoughts - to paraphrase... Likely we will see "other starters" / "key reserves" (perhaps?) Zizzo, Valencia, Zemanski, Miller, and others Wednesday evening - […]

Match Analysis – Portland Timbers 2 – DC United nil

From the get-go this game was going to be different - not because it's a new team with another new center-back; I think we are past that point now.   No; […]

Match Preview – Portland Timbers vs DC United

East Coast bound as Portland ventures off to RFK Stadium to play some Football in a Football Stadium? I'm not sure I've tracked another away game that Portland has had in […]

Match Analysis – Portland Timbers 2 – Vancouver Whitecaps 2

The dust has settled - Game one of three against Vancouver is in the past - Great result and perhaps one Timbers fans can look back on as being a […]

Match Preview Portland Timbers vs Vancouver Whitecaps

While Portland venture to the great white north, with fresh legs, for their second of 6 Cascadia Cup clashes this year Vancouver is returning home to an inviting atmosphere after […]

Match Analysis – Portland Timbers 3 – Chivas USA nil

The word "comprehensive" is sometimes overused in sports punditry but for this game it's perhaps an understatement.  Before getting into the grist of this effort here's my recommendations for reading this week... In […]

Match Preview – Portland Timbers vs Chivas USA

The first of three games with two teams going head to head that are traveling in completely different directions; Chivas are win-less in four straight and Portland are unbeaten in […]

Match Analysis – Portland Timbers 1 – FC Dallas 1

In offering today's match analysis I'm not going to repeat what most of you have already read by other great columnists here in Portland - Instead here's a link or three […]

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