Month: August 2015

Rescue for dogs in distress

It's now legal for a cop to break a window to save a puppy. The new law, passed this session, takes effect this week and gives law enforcement legal protection if […]

Carson wins local straw poll

In another example of how the Clark County Republican party chooses not to align itself to the larger GOP, Donald Trump came in last in the local party’s straw poll. Ben […]

Personal experience driving policy agenda

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler signaled early on in her third term she could let her personal experience with her daughter drive a policy agenda. Herrera Beutler’s second term was marked, […]

Fighting words

Republican Sen. Don Benton has never shied away from using fighting words. The Vancouver legislator once called the editor-in-chief of this paper a “scumbag!” More recently, a press release from his office said […]

Sen. Murray gets full range of feedback at vet stand-down

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN BY COLUMBIAN STAFF WRITER TOM VOGT U.S. Sen. Patty Murray was among friends, mostly, when she did a meet-and-greet Wednesday at a county event for veterans. As the […]

Bad apples

Sen. Patty Murray has made it clear she plans to run for a fifth term in 2016. The Seattle Times reported the Democrat from Washington saying, “A lot of people say […]

States consider lowering tuition

Washington state made national headlines this year when lawmakers approved a budget slashing tuition for four-year college students by up to 20 percent by next year. And the state could prove […]

State lawmakers ask Congress to end pot prohibition

Lawmakers from all over the nation descended on Seattle to talk policy this week. The National Conference of State Legislature summit allows legislators to share resources and explore topics ranging from […]

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