Month: July 2015

Transportation wins

On Aug. 1 the state’s gas tax goes up. As Jim Camden, with The Spokesman-Review, recently wrote, drivers might not notice the price hike at the pump right away. But this legislative […]

The 2015 legislative session: what lobbyists really think

Washington legislators broke a record this year for the longest ever single-year legislative session. There were surely a few lobbyists who had to cancel vacation plans. And when they had a chance […]

Benton’s chutzpah

  A Democratic staffer who works in Olympia sent me an email last week, asking if I knew why Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, was at the signing ceremony for the transportation […]

Gas tax? What do you think?

Do you think Washington should increase the gas tax to pay for new roads? This November, if you’re a registered voter, you can weigh in. Voters can decide whether they think a […]

WA’s SOS Kim Wyman talks about the primary

When U.S. President Barack Obama was visiting Oregon during his first bid for the presidency someone asked him about the Hanford nuclear plant. "He didn't know what it was," recounted Washington's […]

Sen. Ann Rivers on her transportation vote

Earlier this week, the governor signed a 16-year, $16 billion transportation package that raises the gas tax by nearly 12 cents. Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, said voting in favor of […]

Longest-session ever

Back in January, Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, said he was keeping his apartment in Olympia through June. But even he was surprised lawmakers could stretch the 2015 legislative session through July. It […]

Clark County Commissioners weigh in on transportation

Clark County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore did their part this week to convince lawmakers to vote against a statewide transportation revenue package. Here’s how Mielke put it in an […]

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