On The Table


We picked Blueberries today! Thank goodness the Blueberry season is a long one (compared to other fruits) because we were out of town when they first came on, so we […]

The Best Picnic Food- Apple Pie!

With the arrival of good weather all I can think about is picnic style food. Last week it was potato salad, this week it is apple pie! If you recall, last […]

Potato Salad Time!

I don’t particularly like russet potatoes and I definitely do not like radishes- both key ingredients in our family’s potato salad recipe. Now, I can choke down a baked potato if […]

Time to Think About Planting!

We started planting our garden today. Of course, we had to clean up a bit first. Should have done that last Fall, but I prefer to talk myself into believing […]

Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup

I happened upon this soup recipe by accident. Cleaning out my freezer, I found a leftover package of Thanksgiving turkey. I had grand ideas of baking a turkey pot pie and […]

Kids these days…!

Growing up there were some foods that I loved and could not wait for my mom to make, like meat loaf, ham and navy bean soup and pot roast – […]

Uff da!

I know the holiday season is upon us when I have to make the lefsa… and this is serious- make no mistake! I am certain, that if I did not […]

Can Thanksgiving be exciting?

The Thanksgiving food ads started some weeks ago, and in newspaper food sections, magazine articles and the various TV cooking shows, we’re urged to try something different.  Maybe an Asian […]

Best Ever Brisket Chili

Do you add browned hamburger to your chili? Why not try smoked brisket?! The brisket brings the chili alive and imparts a rich taste that hamburger just can't touch. The secret […]

Malus Domestica

Immortality, fruitfulness, a love charm, a cure: Apples can easily be called the world’s most beloved fruit, now and throughout history.  Today there are well over 7,500 varieties grown all over […]

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