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Bad Nuts and Good Nuts!

I earned my “Worst Parent of the Year” award this last week! I ended up poisoning myself and my daughter and we ended up in the ER for a number […]

Razor Clamming- What A Night!

Every day I read the paper online, have for years actually, and when I read that clamming season was going to open for two extended weekends in October, I thought […]

Curry-Rubbed Game Hens Stuffed With Basmati Rice, Pecans and Cranberries

I absolutely love The Oregonian's FOODday column. Here is a 'gem' from their archives. The hardest part of this recipe was having enough patience for the game hens to thaw.☺ I made […]

My Wonderful Steam Juicer!

I love my steam juicer. It is one of the “coolest” kitchen toys I use — hands down. I inherited my steamer. For some strange reason, in the early sixties, my […]

More Fall Food!

I liked Janine's Beef Bourguignon recipe (see her post); I'll add to the fall food idea. Biscuit gets excited when fall rolls in; she says it’s her favorite time of year, […]

Beef Bourguignon

I love fall. All of it! But let me back up. At the Clark County Fair, I connected up with a 4-H family that raises market hogs, so I bought one. […]

You’re on an island….deal with it

     I’m slow in writing, but I've been affected with island lassitude. This summer, we rented a home on San Juan Island. Ours overlooks San Juan Strait, with lots of […]

Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce

I feel so accomplished. In the last couple of days, I learned to bake my mother’s bread recipe, got some of my daughter’s school-clothes shopping done and had a marathon […]

heirloom tomato galette with pesto and goat cheese

Growing up I was never a big fan of tomatoes. Really, I didn't even start liking them until my mid-20s. Now, they are one of my top favorite summer foods. […]

Home grown peppers, cherries & organic apple cider! It’s Pepper Jelly Time!

One of my great joys is sharing the things I make or cook with friends and family (small get-togethers with both appetizers and drinks or a small dinner party, are […]

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