BANNER-3-FOR-OUR-BACKYARDGrowing up there were some foods that I loved and could not wait for my mom to make, like meat loaf, ham and navy bean soup and pot roast – all very down to earth, home-style and what my daughter would call old-fashioned cooking. I can no more get her to eat these things than I can get our cat to sit on command. So, what do I do with all of the “old fashioned” cuts of meat that come when one has their own beef butchered?

Pot Roast Burgers! These are- hands down- the best burgers EVER! They are super easy and my daughter LOVES them!



Pot Roast

Onion Buns

Tillamook Cheddar Cheese

Yellow Onion (do not use sweet onions!)


Horsey Sauce

Sour Cream


Cream Style Horseradish

Dijon Mustard

Fresh Pressed Garlic (I leave this out…)



Frozen pot roast goes into the slow cooker at 7am- cooks on high until 6pm. I salt and pepper a little bit, but do not add anything else. I just let it cook.


Slice up and sauté as much onion as you want for the burger- we like sautéed onions so we do at least half the onion. These need to be caramelized- this takes at least 15 minutes- don’t cook on too high of heat and watch them so they don’t burn.

P1020799 When I am ready to make the burgers, I lift out the chunks of meat and place in a shallow bowl where I shred it up a little bit. Then I spoon most of juice onto it and let it soak back up into the meat while I am fixing the rest of the ingredients.

P1020801 Toast the buns under the broiler.

P1020798 Cut a slice of cheese for each burger.

Mix up the sauce: ½ C mayo, ½ C sour cream, 2 TBS creamy horseradish, 2 TBS Dijon and S/P to taste.

Assemble the burger:

P1020803Spread horsey sauce on both sides of the toasted bun.

P1020805 Add the meat (but not too much juice- you don’t want your burger to mush!)

P1020807 Add the onions and finish with the cheese.


P1020809Best burgers EVER!

Janine Blackwell

Janine Blackwell

Food has always been a main focus of my family life! At 12 years old I picked berries during the summer and at 15 I started work in the local cannery. This was my summer job all through college (my father was the production manager for Norpac Foods for 30 years, so I had an in!) Each summer my mom would can and preserve fruit and vegetables so we could have "good stuff" all year long. I attended a cooking school while I lived in England for about a year, but my life took a different turn and I did not go into food professionally. My sister owns a restaurant in Colorado and my brother works for a blueberry processing plant in Silverton, OR. Like I said- a family affair! I teach video and film at Columbia River HS (love it) but I also love to cook, can and preserve. I work to use as much home grown, locally produced and organic product as I possibly can.

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