Author: Janine Blackwell


We picked Blueberries today! Thank goodness the Blueberry season is a long one (compared to other fruits) because we were out of town when they first came on, so we […]

The Best Picnic Food- Apple Pie!

With the arrival of good weather all I can think about is picnic style food. Last week it was potato salad, this week it is apple pie! If you recall, last […]

Potato Salad Time!

I don’t particularly like russet potatoes and I definitely do not like radishes- both key ingredients in our family’s potato salad recipe. Now, I can choke down a baked potato if […]

Time to Think About Planting!

We started planting our garden today. Of course, we had to clean up a bit first. Should have done that last Fall, but I prefer to talk myself into believing […]

Kids these days…!

Growing up there were some foods that I loved and could not wait for my mom to make, like meat loaf, ham and navy bean soup and pot roast – […]

Uff da!

I know the holiday season is upon us when I have to make the lefsa… and this is serious- make no mistake! I am certain, that if I did not […]

Malus Domestica

Immortality, fruitfulness, a love charm, a cure: Apples can easily be called the world’s most beloved fruit, now and throughout history.  Today there are well over 7,500 varieties grown all over […]

Bad Nuts and Good Nuts!

I earned my “Worst Parent of the Year” award this last week! I ended up poisoning myself and my daughter and we ended up in the ER for a number […]

Razor Clamming- What A Night!

Every day I read the paper online, have for years actually, and when I read that clamming season was going to open for two extended weekends in October, I thought […]

My Wonderful Steam Juicer!

I love my steam juicer. It is one of the “coolest” kitchen toys I use — hands down. I inherited my steamer. For some strange reason, in the early sixties, my […]

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