romance writing

Giving It Up For Lent

This has nothing to do with romance and food but a lot to do with chocolate which, you may recall, is right up there in my pantheon of important things […]

Still Writing

I'm still writing away on my WIP--that's work in progress for those of you smart enough not to have caught the writing bug at a young age as I did. […]

Feeding My Characters

So, I have my hero and heroine falling in love with each other. What next? Why, I find a way to get them eating something romantic. At the beginning of […]

What I Do When I’m Not Here

Last week it was go to Ashland, OR and see plays. Which meant I never quite got back into the schedule of posting so the recipe for apple pie bites […]

First Things First

Curious about what’ “A Loaf of Bread, a Glass of Wine and Candles” is all about? It's about romance, my friends, it's all about food and romance. I’m a local […]

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