Month: November 2013

Still Writing

I'm still writing away on my WIP--that's work in progress for those of you smart enough not to have caught the writing bug at a young age as I did. […]

Feeding My Characters

So, I have my hero and heroine falling in love with each other. What next? Why, I find a way to get them eating something romantic. At the beginning of […]

Why Two Thousand Words Of My New Book Won Over My Blog Entry

My self-imposed deadline for posting a blog entry came and went this week with barely a nod from me. I have an excuse, sort of. I'm participating in the madness […]

Not A Candy Bar In Sight

Halloween is over and with luck you managed to get rid of all the candy. So for tonight, how about something easy to fix but with romantic overtones? Spaghetti. Not […]

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