Month: May 2013

Spring’s Last Hurrah by Peggy Bird

            I know. Not sure we’ve actually had spring. But June begins tomorrow. Or Juneuary, as it often is in the the Portland/Vancouver area where […]

Sometimes Asparagus is Just Asparagus by Peggy Bird

I wasn't sure I wanted to get into this subject now but I've been working on entries for a couple romance blogs and the subject was mentioned. By me. In […]

Here Comes Summer

It’s here: Memorial Day weekend, the official beginning of summer. Of course, in Vancouver/Portland it may be a struggle for the temperature to get to 70, so it’s not exactly […]

Love Apples

A commenter on last week’s blog entry suggested that pasta would be the go-to gift before chocolate was on the scene. I got thinking about that—how would the pasta be […]

Spring is in the Air–So’s the Rain

It’s Friday. It’s spring. It’s the Pacific Northwest. And it's going to rain this weekend. Apparently we need it so I guess I won’t complain. So romantic weekend dates will […]

First Things First

Curious about what’ “A Loaf of Bread, a Glass of Wine and Candles” is all about? It's about romance, my friends, it's all about food and romance. I’m a local […]

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