This has nothing to do with romance and food but a lot to do with chocolate which, you may recall, is right up there in my pantheon of important things in life. I decided to give it up for Lent–chocolate, that is. If I’m going to make a sacrifice, I’ll make it a big one so I remember every day what I’m doing.

However, on the day I give it all up for 40 days, one of my sister writers posted a recipe for a delicious sounding chocolate cake on another writer’s website. Just one day earlier–okay, two days earlier–and I’d have made the cake and eaten it by the time Ash Wednesday arrived.

But she didn’t. And I didn’t. However, I want to make sure I can find this recipe come Easter week. So here is the link to the recipe for the chocolate cake I’ll be thinking of until Easter.

Deadline Dishes — Chocolate Cake with Nancy C. Weeks!

And here’s the photo of what I’m missing. chocolate cake

Those of you who gave up something easy like cookies or saying mean things to your siblings, enjoy.

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