Month: October 2013

What’s Romantic About Halloween?

Depends on how much fun you think it is to dress in costume, eat chocolate and answer the door a few dozen times during dinner. If you like pretending you're Juliet […]

What I Meant To Say Was…

How could I have forgotten I had just posted the mushroom soup recipe Jake had fixed for Danny in my last romance novel? What a silly error. So, for this […]

What I Do When I’m Not Here

Last week it was go to Ashland, OR and see plays. Which meant I never quite got back into the schedule of posting so the recipe for apple pie bites […]

Falling for Autumn

It's a beautiful week ahead the weather forecasters say. Maybe the best weekend of the fall. So, ditch the rake, let the lawn grow another inch or so and wait […]

Can She Bake an Apple Pie?

So, apple pie. Why's that romantic, you ask? First of all, it's..ah...well, it's pie. Who doesn't like pie? You're making something the person you care for probably loves. How can […]

Falling into Romance

I think fall is the most romantic time of the year. I know, I know. Most people would say spring with all the newly blooming flowers and soft, sweet air. […]

Romance in a bowl

So here's the fireplace I was talking about on Tuesday. If you're ready to curl up in front of it, here's a suggestion for what you could be eating while […]

Now, Where Was I?

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Major family crisis now resolved so it's time to get back to what passes for normal in my life. Which means, among other […]

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