Depends on how much fun you think it is to dress in costume, eat chocolate and answer the door a few dozen times during dinner.


If you like pretending you’re Juliet and your sweetie is Romeo, you don’t need advice from me. Have at it. Well, except for the drinking poison and killing yourself parts. That’s carrying it a bit too far, don’t you think?

And the chocolate eating–or feeding each other–is a no-brainer. You know how romantic I think chocolate is.

So, let’s get to the part that’s not so romantic. You’re trying to eat dinner and all the little cuties on your block are at your door begging for treats. Face it. If you’d planned a quiet dinner for two for October 31, you made a strategic error. It’ll never happen. Not unless you live at the end of a long, dark, steep hill, in a gated age-segregated condo or in a big old house known locally as the place where people go in but never come out.

However, this year, Halloween is on a Thursday. So, on Friday, I’ll have a simple, romantic dinner to help you reestablish your romantic credentials. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, what are your plans for the spooky holiday?

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