A Book to Read

I am not, it turns out, the only person to connect food and romance. Of course, you're saying. Why would you even think you were? I did't really. I've seen […]

One More Thing

Last week, when I wrote about what makes a meal romantic, I deliberately left out one thing: music. Music deserves its own blog post, don't you think? I obviously do. To […]

What Makes A Meal Romantic?

So far I've blogged about specific foods reputed to be romantic or even to act as an aphrodisiac. I thought this time I'd talk a little about the other elements […]

Writing About Romantic Food

One of the advantages of writing romance novels is the chance to meet, either in person or on line, some of the most interesting, most supportive and creative women I've […]

It’s Berry, Berry Good

Finally. At last. After a whole year of waiting. Local strawberries are here. I know, I know, I suggested using California ones a couple weeks ago for chocolate fondue. But […]

Spring’s Last Hurrah by Peggy Bird

            I know. Not sure we’ve actually had spring. But June begins tomorrow. Or Juneuary, as it often is in the the Portland/Vancouver area where […]

Sometimes Asparagus is Just Asparagus by Peggy Bird

I wasn't sure I wanted to get into this subject now but I've been working on entries for a couple romance blogs and the subject was mentioned. By me. In […]

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