What Makes A Meal Romantic?

So far I’ve blogged about specific foods reputed to be romantic or even to act as an aphrodisiac. I thought this time I’d talk a little about the other elements in a romantic meal.

First, there’s the profound grasp of the obvious (as a poli sc professor of mine used to say)–a romantic dinner, brunch, lunch, breakfast, picnic, snack or high tea requires two people who care about each other and want to share the meal. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for years or are just beginning to know each other, young or old, gay or straight–to make an occasion romantic you have to feel that way about the person you’re sharing it with.

Second, it takes a bit of time. Oh, you can have a romantic lunch during a work week. I’ve had one or two of them myself. But ideally, you need more than an hour at noon. Time to savor the meal and the company of the person you’re with. Time to appreciate how the conversation is so much better with this person than it is with anyone else. Time to exchange a few kisses, maybe, or an affectionate touch or two.

Third, it helps to have the scene set. If you’re picnicking in the park, you might not have the privacy you could have indoors but you can make it romantic even in public with a comfortable blanket, some big pillows to recline on and the right menu. If you’re indoors, music and candles are my favorite things to add. Lots of candles. Don’t worry about having enough light to read by. There’s no menu here. You can read all you need in the soft light reflecting in the eyes of your companion.

Last, the food. Something bubbly to drink–sparkling wine if you indulge, sparkling ciders if you don’t. The bubbles tickle the nose and make any meal seem special. The food–easy to eat, not too messy, something to feed each other. And chocolate. Of course.

It’s not all that difficult. Really. Think about it and plan for something romantic this weekend.

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