Month: August 2015

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 5

My appetite has returned!!  Behold the proof:                     […]

It’s a Journey dance party!

Stone In Love is onstage in the Grandstands.  They are a very popular local tribute band for the ‘80s rock band Journey.  I have actually paid to see them so […]

Cool down with the little ones inside

I don’t have kids so I’m not always aware of kid-focused things at the Fair.  To note:  I have been sitting in the east end of the Big Air Conditioned […]

Arrive before 5:00 today if you want to see animals!

I’m not sure if today has an official name (other than Tuesday), but I call it “Switch-Over Day.”  It is when all the animals that have been here since opening […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 4

My appetite is making a come back!!!  Today's Parade wasn't mighty but it sure was in the right direction.  REAL food in REAL quantities. Not meager popcorn leftovers from the […]

Guess what?  I know the Guess Who!

In all honesty, I only went to tonight’s concert because my hubby had to leave the Fair early for a meeting and a friend is a Guess Who fan.  She […]

Horses keep their own time

We have set up camp here in the Dr. Jack Giesy Horse Arena.  Meaning I am sitting on an inflatable cushion, we got here early so we could snag a […]

Have you noticed the Jumbo Trons at the Fair?

There are a few new things I have noticed at the Fair this year.  Like the way they are doing tickets (everything is scanned -- I bet they will have […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 3

My appetite is slowly returning.  Thank goodness.  I mean, I have LOTS of cheating eating to do and only 7 more days left!  Today's Parade started sort of slow and […]

Short cut to a faster food line

We all know that the Food Court can get really busy when it’s feeding time.  And hot.  Man, can it get hot in there when it’s filled with hungry people. Depending […]

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