Month: July 2020

Caprese Salad and BLT Bar

Menu fatigue, heat, plus the endless parade of dishes may have you feeling a little less than enthusiastic about cooking this week. Tomato season to the rescue! Whether you visit […]

Christmas Cake

My mantra:  Happiness now. Why wait until tomorrow if you can have happiness right this minute? This recipe contains two things you need for happiness now:  a little Christmas spirit […]

Ice Tray Cheesecake Bites and Chocolate Magic Shell

Never mind the heat, it’s all about staying cool. Here are two chilly desserts that are fast, fun and easy to make right at home. Nothing says summer like ice […]

Blueberry Clafoutis

Once blueberry season begins, “pick blueberries” stays on my to-do list until the berries and I both give up and call it quits several months later. There are so many […]

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