Month: April 2018

Margarita Guacamole

Tacos, tostadas, nachos, or enchiladas?  We may not be able to agree on what to order, but we can all find common ground in guacamole, the delicious, creamy green stuff […]

(It’s Almost…) Summer Rolls

Are you ready for the sunshine?  Whether you are celebrating 420, Arbor Day, or Earth Day, there will be plenty of green on tap for this weekend.  Get out in […]

Endive, Arugula, Fennel, and Orange Salad with Beets, Blue Cheese and Walnuts

Don’t make that salad the same old way.  Tossing everything in a bowl and soaking it in dressing gets tiresome. Why not mix things up a bit and do something […]

Cheeseburger Salad with Big Mac Dressing

Skip the drive through.  You can make a great dinner in less time than it takes to say, “hold the pickles,” and the only skill you need is browning ground […]

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