Month: August 2016

Perfect Hard, or Soft, Boiled Eggs

Don’t just glance at this and stop reading!  This is something you need to know and you’re going to need it again and again.  Want to know how to produce […]

Peanut Butter And Jelly Chia Pudding

Here’s hoping you have amply stocked your fridge with cucumbers and that you have a stash of popsicles and ice cubes ready to go.  It is waaaaay too hot.  How […]

Spicy Cheddar And Bacon Stuffed Jalapeńos

Fans of spicy food, take note.  This week, two food holidays align in perfect order for a good excuse to make a  hot, spicy, bacon recipe.   August 19th is […]

Peach Frozen Yogurt

Last week we were soaking up the sun, this week we have a little too much of it.  We are just starting into a string of heat and already I’m […]

Fresh Salsa

Don’t look now, but the summer is slipping away from you.  School supplies, a few turning leaves here and there, and the first sighting of grasshoppers…  The warning signs are […]

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