Beverage industry responds to warning labels study

A health warning on a soda can? A new study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation suggests labels alerting consumers that sugar-sweetened beverages contribute to some health conditions could be effective […]

Providence ditches soda

Providence has a New Year’s resolution we can all get behind: Swapping sugary drinks for healthier choices. Beginning this week, Providence in Oregon is phasing out sugary drinks in its dining […]

Study: Soda ages the body

A daily soda habit could age you as much as smoking cigarettes, according to new research. A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health found regular soda consumption […]

Caffeinated kids

Here is today’s shocking statistic: 63 percent of kids between the ages of 2 and 5 consume caffeine. Seriously. A majority of preschoolers are caffeinated. That’s according to a new research published […]

Coca-Cola wants to join obesity fight

The Coca-Cola Company announced today its commitment to “further contribute to healthier, happier and more active communities.” “Obesity is today’s most challenging health issue, affecting nearly every family and community across […]

Mississippi passes bill banning soda bans

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed into law this week a bill that prevents cities and counties in the state from banning supersized sugary drinks and huge restaurant portions. Take that, New […]

Breakfast soda

Having a tough time deciding between coffee and juice with your breakfast? Well, the folks at PepsiCo have a new option: breakfast soda. Beginning Feb. 25, you can wash your eggs down […]

Sad state of school snacks

Did you know many kids consume up to half of their calories at schools? Also, half of secondary school students consume at least one snack food a day at school, an […]

Food stamps and sugary drinks

Children in families that receive food stamps drink just as much milk, soda and fruit juice as kids who don’t receive federal assistance, according to a recent study. The study, which […]

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