Breakfast soda

Having a tough time deciding between coffee and juice with your breakfast?

Well, the folks at PepsiCo have a new option: breakfast soda.

Beginning Feb. 25, you can wash your eggs down with a Mountain Dew Kickstart.


Here is how PepsiCo describes its attempt to make soda for breakfast socially acceptable:

“Mountain Dew introduces Kickstart, a sparkling juice beverage that combines the great taste of DEW with real fruit juice and just the right amount of kick to get the day started.”

The 16-ounce can contains 5 percent fruit juice and, according to a USA Today story, has 92 milligrams of caffeine (a 16-ounce regular Mountain Dew has 72 milligrams).

The 80-calorie drink comes in two flavors: Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch.

So will you ditch your coffee for Dew?

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