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FDA: Say “No” to crispy fries

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to be the tastes-good-but-is-bad-for-you food buzzkill. This week, the FDA is reminding people to cut down the extra crispy French fries and certain other […]

Advertising the ACA

Turns out, the Affordable Care Act has a funny side. For the last couple months, health officials have been trying to spread the word about the new insurance exchanges created under […]

Exercise for better sleep

People who exercise report a better night’s sleep than those who don’t workout, according to results from a new poll. The poll, conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, found that people […]

Workplace pets reduce stress

Looking for ways to reduce stress at work? Sharing your cubical with your pooch could help, according to researchers. A Virginia Commonwealth University study found that dog owners who bring their […]

Housework and waistlines

Hey ladies, wanna lose a few pounds? Just grab the vacuum and get to work. A new study found that one reason American women are overweight may be because we are […]

Fat letters

One school district’s approach at combating obesity is facing criticism from parents of students who received “fat letters.” Schools in North Andover, Mass., measured students’ height and weight to determine their […]

Lip balm addiction

Here’s one “addiction” without negative effects. That constant need to apply – and reapply – lip balm isn’t detrimental to your health, despite the urban legends that suggest the opposite. “Having a […]

Diet fork

Ever wish you had a fork to sound an alarm when you’re eating like a Hoover vacuum? No? Well, let’s say you do. The new HAPIfork does just that. The smart-fork knows […]

Breakfast soda

Having a tough time deciding between coffee and juice with your breakfast? Well, the folks at PepsiCo have a new option: breakfast soda. Beginning Feb. 25, you can wash your eggs down […]

Country of plastics

When it comes to plastic surgery, we’re No. 1. U.S. plastic surgeons perform more nips, tucks and lifts than surgeons in any other country. In 2011, Americans received more than 1 million […]

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