Month: March 2013

Affordable Care Act turns 3

The Affordable Care Act turned 3 years old this weekend. Saturday marked the third anniversary since President Obama signed the health reform bill into law. And even after three years, the […]

Mississippi passes bill banning soda bans

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed into law this week a bill that prevents cities and counties in the state from banning supersized sugary drinks and huge restaurant portions. Take that, New […]

Pharmacy to workers: join “voluntary” wellness program or face fine

CVS pharmacies are asking all employees to take part in a “voluntary” wellness program that requires workers to report their weight and body fat percentages (among other indicators) to their […]

Bloomberg takes aim at cigarettes

By now, most people know New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a problem with super-sized sodas. But Monday, Bloomberg added another vice to his dislike list: cigarettes. Bloomberg proposed legislation Monday […]

Steer clear of fungus-infested bagpipes

For your health’s sake, be sure to regularly clean your musical instruments. A 78-year-old bagpipe player from rural England survived a nearly fatal case of fungal pneumonia that doctors say he […]

Exercise for better sleep

People who exercise report a better night’s sleep than those who don’t workout, according to results from a new poll. The poll, conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, found that people […]

Workplace pets reduce stress

Looking for ways to reduce stress at work? Sharing your cubical with your pooch could help, according to researchers. A Virginia Commonwealth University study found that dog owners who bring their […]

Housework and waistlines

Hey ladies, wanna lose a few pounds? Just grab the vacuum and get to work. A new study found that one reason American women are overweight may be because we are […]

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