Country of plastics

When it comes to plastic surgery, we’re No. 1.

U.S. plastic surgeons perform more nips, tucks and lifts than surgeons in any other country.

In 2011, Americans received more than 1 million surgical procedures and more than 2 million nonsurgical procedures (Botox, laser hair removal and chemical peels, for example), according to a recent International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons survey.

Those figures accounted for more than 17 percent of the world’s surgical procedures and 24 percent of nonsurgical procedures, according to the survey.

Brazil isn’t far behind, accounting for 14 percent of the world’s surgical procedures but only 6.5 percent of nonsurgical procedures. China came in a distant third with 6.5 percent of surgical and 7 percent of nonsurgical procedures.

So which surgical procedure is most popular among Americans? Breast augmentation. The procedure ranks No. 2 behind liposuction in worldwide procedures.

Here are some more interesting plastic stats:

Most common surgical procedures, U.S.

  1. Breast augmentation, 284,351
  2. Lipoplasty (aka liposuction), 223,066
  3. Abdominoplasty (aka tummy tuck), 114,062

Most common nonsurgical procedures, U.S.

  1. Botox, 815,150
  2. Hyaluronic acid (filler for wrinkles, fine lines), 404,779
  3. Laser hair removal, 228,361

Most common surgical procedures, worldwide

  1. Lipoplasty, 1,268,287 (19.9 percent of total procedures)
  2. Breast augmentation, 1,205,251 (18.9 percent)
  3. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), 703,610 (11 percent)
  4. Abdominoplasty, 553,399 (8.7 percent)
  5. Rhinoplasty (aka nose job), 478,023 (7.5 percent)

Number of plastic surgeons

  1. U.S., 5,950
  2. Brazil, 5,024
  3. China, 2,000
  4. Japan, 1,831
  5. Mexico, 1,518

Odds & ends

  • Buttock augmentation ranked No. 13 in the world with 75,591 surgical procedures, while buttock lift was No. 19 (24,319 procedures)
  • Breast reduction for women was No. 7 (428,129 procedures). Breast reduction for men was No. 9 (174,806 procedures).
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