Risks of giving birth inside, outside hospitals

Women who give birth outside of hospitals face a higher risk of perinatal death, but delivering a baby in a hospital setting comes with its own set of risks, according […]

Mothers-to-be, babies benefit from group prenatal care

A new study revealed that group prenatal care can substantially improve health outcomes for both mothers and their infants. The research was led by Yale School of Public Health and published […]

Employers announce new parent-friendly workplace policies

This week, a couple of employers announced some pretty cool new policies for new parents. The Washington Department of Health on Monday announced its new Infants at Work policy that allows […]

Study: Docs don’t provide new moms with infant care advice

After delivering baby, many new mothers are sent home without receiving infant care advice from their physicians. A new study funded by the National Institutes of Health found that many new […]

D.C.’s post-shutdown baby boom

Hospitals in Washington D.C. are experiencing what appears to be an aftereffect of the 16-day government shutdown in October: bustling maternity wards. Nine months after the furlough, D.C. hospitals are seeing […]

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