Month: July 2014

Vacation time = family responsibilities

Summer is a tricky time for working parents. The added expense of caring for school-age kids during summer vacation is what led Debra Harrell, the now infamous South Carolina mom, to […]

Train kids before leaving them alone

Stories about children left unsupervised have been springing up around the country. A 9-year-old was removed from her mother’s custody because she left the girl in the park while she worked […]

Early ACEs are anything but lucky

Who doesn’t have an ACE or two up their sleeve? Some of us have many more ACEs than others. And ACEs make all the difference in the life you lead, the […]

People who need people

There’s nothing easier than going for a walk. Right? Sometimes. If you’re lucky. Lately I’ve really been struck by how lucky I am, just to be able to go get a […]

Pot stores prompt family talk about drugs

My 8-year-old son recently said a kid in his class told him that a certain convenience store sells drugs, launching a conversation that I hadn’t yet thought to have with […]

Seven weeks until Labor Day and school: How will your family celebrate summer?

Has your family settled into a summer routine? What are you doing for inexpensive summer fun in Clark County beyond letting the kids run through the sprinkler and doling out […]

CEO: You can’t have it all

The discussion hasn’t stopped since Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” in the Atlantic two years ago. We just can’t stop asking: Can women have successful careers […]

Classic ’70s novel provides lessons for today

I’m reading my boys the Judy Blume classic, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” which I enjoyed as a kid. As I read it aloud, however, I’m realizing there’s a […]

Bring or borrow a bike to hit the BBC Trail on July 12

Did you know that two of the most picturesque, varied, fun and doable (even for not-so-serious cyclists) paved bike paths in the Portland metropolitan area are right here in Clark […]

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