Eric Holmes

Parking tickets suspended during viral outbreak

Quarantined at home in Vancouver, but worried about overstaying your meter? Ducking out every two hours to move your car? You can chill. The city stopped issuing regular parking tickets on […]

City’s response to Kissinger about his festival concerns

Yesterday, I posted an email Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt sent to city officials after talking with Michael Kissinger of Bravo! Vancouver. The talk was about two weeks prior to Kissinger filing a […]

In advance of C-Tran retreat, Leavitt takes council on trip down memory lane

Prior to Monday's Vancouver City Council meeting, City Manager Eric Holmes distributed packets to audience members, myself included. On the top of the packet was a memo, dated that day, […]

Story hits close to home for Holmes

As we've previously bragged, a team of meeting mavens -- myself, Marissa Harshman and Eric Florip -- won an inaugural Word War last month. As we imbibed, we crafted a […]

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