Author: Tyler Graf

So long, farewell

That’s right. I’m leaving The Columbian, date certain next Wednesday. And while I’m not keen on navel-gazing valedictions — the kind that come with sweeping pronouncements of lessons learned, wisdom […]

Tongue-lashed Lasher

Poor Doug Lasher. The guy is like the Rodney Dangerfield of Clark County politics. He's been the county's treasurer since the Ice Age and he still gets no respect. Case in […]

‘Signs, signs, everywhere a sign’

Now that the election is in the rearview mirror, it's time for all those campaign signs to go bye-bye. Typically, candidates and campaign organizers have 10 days following the election […]

Benton’s press release not standard protocol

A press release issued by the Clark County Department of Environmental Services touting Director Don Benton’s accomplishments circumvented the county’s public information office's standard protocol. Benton also serves as a Republican […]

Communication breakdown

Clark County Commissioner David Madore did something this week he rarely does: He apologized. Not to me, but I'll get to that. The apology stemmed from something he wrote on his Facebook […]

Online commercial implodes charter (video fun time edition)

I've recently reported that there's an anti-charter commercial making the rounds, paid for by the Don't Lose Your Voice PAC. People curious about the commercial can view it and other […]

Madore’s big contribution

Political observers were waiting for County Commissioner David Madore to throw his money behind one of this year's campaigns. He has so far given money to several Republican candidates, but […]

Mielke mobile

A recent topic of conversation among county commissioners has been whether to lower, or alter in some way, their monthly car allowance. Currently the commissioners receive $600 a month. Next […]

Gardner lands prominent endorsement

A sheriff's race can, at times, appear like a battle of endorsements. Sides are picked and alliances made. Guilds skew one way or the other. And with each well-known name […]

Tough talkin’ Nuge

A series of emails, released as part of a public records request, is shedding light on what happened before and immediately after the Clark County Fair disinvited controversial rocker Ted […]

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