Author: Lauren Dake

Benton’s promotion came with a pay cut

Vancouver’s Don Benton is back in Washington and Oregon this week to encourage men to register for the draft. The former Washington state Senator, who is now the director of the […]

The game will go on, Democrats vs. Republicans

In a time of increasing political division, the Clark County Democrats and Clark County Republican party decided to take a page from federal lawmakers and host a bipartisan softball game. This […]

JHB agrees with Trump, the Paris climate agreement was a bad deal

On Dec. 12, 2015, officials from more than 190 nations made a pact: they would cut down on emissions, adopt green energy sources and generally try to limit the increase […]

Badass women of Washington

In a segment titled “Badass Women of Washington,” CNN recently featured U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, who recounted the birth of her daughter deemed the “miracle baby.” Abigail was the […]

Connection between GOP and right-wing activists

The Guardian has a story today linking Republican officials in the Pacific Northwest and right-wing activists who made headlines after fighting with anti-fascist protesters. And guess who is at the center […]

Response to Manchester sounds familiar

It’s become a predictable response to an unfortunate event. A terrorist attack happens and the call for concealed carry permits from public officials increases. The awful bombing during the Ariana Grande concert, […]

Inslee vetoes Pike’s bill

Gov. Jay Inslee has signed hundreds of measures into law this session and vetoed only a handful. One of the bills he struck down recently was a measure championed by Rep. […]

Ferguson believes a special counsel is needed to investigate Russia

Attorney General Bob Ferguson said firing the FBI director is "troubling to the extreme" on Friday. “And the contradictory reasons for it, everything about it is problematic from my standpoint," Ferguson […]

Maddow’s take on Benton

In this week's version of "Don Benton goes to D.C." it's Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, who takes note of Benton in a segment titled, "Poor hires may explain poor performance […]

No politician? No problem – the empty chair town hall trend

Since the start of the year, progressive groups have taken a page from Republicans who once showed up in full force at town halls held by Democrats to voice their […]

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