Month: May 2017

Response to Manchester sounds familiar

It’s become a predictable response to an unfortunate event. A terrorist attack happens and the call for concealed carry permits from public officials increases. The awful bombing during the Ariana Grande concert, […]

Another week, another accusation from CCCU

Toward the end of Clark County council’s weekly hearing, councilors are given an opportunity to share whatever’s on their mind. This week, Council Chair Marc Boldt mentioned how he participated in […]

Why Bob Stevens is still technically deputy county manager

Not much information new information has surfaced since the unexpected ouster of Clark County Manager Mark McCauley last week. Earlier this week, I contacted Bob Stevens, deputy county manager, for […]

Inslee vetoes Pike’s bill

Gov. Jay Inslee has signed hundreds of measures into law this session and vetoed only a handful. One of the bills he struck down recently was a measure championed by Rep. […]

Ferguson believes a special counsel is needed to investigate Russia

Attorney General Bob Ferguson said firing the FBI director is "troubling to the extreme" on Friday. “And the contradictory reasons for it, everything about it is problematic from my standpoint," Ferguson […]

Levanen suspects something fishy with federal funds spent in Clark County

At this week’s Clark County council hearing, Councilor Julie Olson had a message for Carol Levanen, the executive secretary of property rights group Clark County Citizens United: The county isn’t […]

Maddow’s take on Benton

In this week's version of "Don Benton goes to D.C." it's Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, who takes note of Benton in a segment titled, "Poor hires may explain poor performance […]

‘My Bible, my concealed carry, cash’ (and marijuana)

It’s been illegal to process, produce or sell marijuana in unincorporated Clark County since county commissioners passed an ordinance since 2014 preventing the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry from taking root. Since […]

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