Another week, another accusation from CCCU

Toward the end of Clark County council’s weekly hearing, councilors are given an opportunity to share whatever’s on their mind.

This week, Council Chair Marc Boldt mentioned how he participated in this year’s Dozer Day event at the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds, which showcases heavy construction equipment.

“They only let me on the little ones,” said Boldt. “They don’t let me on anything big.”

He also made a remark on something more serious.

“The only other thing is that, I don’t want to get into an argument over this, but we did have notice and we can prove that notice for the planning meeting,” said Boldt.

Boldt was referring to an accusation made during public comment by Carol Levanen, the executive secretary of property rights group Clark County Citizens United. Levanen said that last week the planning commission took a “fraudulent” vote on recommendations regarding the county’s comprehensive plan, which a state-land use board found is not in compliance with state law.

“The hearing was not legally noticed and the decision was determined prior to the hearing and public testimony,” said Levanen. She also said that the commission violated state law regarding public participation and open meetings.

I was at that meeting, and I was surprised to see that Levanen and CCCU President Susan Rasmussen, both of whom care about this issue as much as anyone in the county, were absent from the meeting. Both are routinely present at county meetings, and I was certain they would be there to give the commission and earful.

I knew about the meeting and so did a handful of people who were present at the meeting. But I’m paid to pay attention to this stuff. What about the general public?

Every week, I compile a list of upcoming county meetings that is published in the Sunday paper and I noted this meeting. I also went through my emails and found an announcement for the meeting that was sent May 15, two days before the May 17 meeting. According to a guide by the Municipal Research and Services Center, a nonprofit that advises local governments in Washington, meetings have to be noticed 24 hours before they’re held.

I’m not sure what happened with Carol and Susan, but on June 7 the council is holding a work session on the comprehensive plan. See you there!

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