Why Bob Stevens is still technically deputy county manager

Not much information new information has surfaced since the unexpected ouster of Clark County Manager Mark McCauley last week. Earlier this week, I contacted Bob Stevens, deputy county manager, for a story I’m working on and asked what his specific title is these days.
“I’m sticking with Deputy County Manager for a number of reasons,” he replied in an email.
I explained to him that it gets a little wordy describing him as a “deputy county manager who is temporarily filling in as county manager.” He said “acting county manager” wouldn’t be accurate. I was also curious what his “number of reasons” are. So he called me up.
“It’s nothing nefarious; it’s just a technicality,” said Stevens.
He said that the county’s rules and ordinances put the deputy manager in line to take over as interim in situations like this. But Stevens said he’s not seeking the position because he also works as the director of county general services and doesn’t want to juggle two jobs while the council finds a permanent replacement for McCauley. He also said he wanted to give the county council more options for whom it appoints as interim manager.
He also noted that he’s not seeking any compensation even though he is filling in as county manager.
“I believe in keeping up my good karma and I don’t like to profit in the misfortunes of others,” he said.
In the meantime, Stevens will have a wordy title as the deputy county manager who is just filling in as county manager until the county can find an interim county manager.

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