Month: January 2021

Why did a commissioner “third” a motion?

Members of the Clark County Charter Review Commission appeared a bit fatigued at the end of a meeting Tuesday, so much so that the motion to adjourn was “thirded.”  The newly […]

Kraft proposes grant program for private school, homeschooling

Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, reintroduced a bill last week that would establish a $7,000-per-child grant program for families who homeschool or send their children to private school. The fund would be […]

New comment process arrives in time for fireworks

Verbal public comments have returned to Clark County Council meetings, just in time for some fireworks. Since meetings went virtual due to COVID-19, the council had been accepting written comments, which […]

Bill to allow behavioral health credential renewals during states of emergency passes out of committee

The House Health Care and Wellness Committee unanimously passed a bill from Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, that would allow some behavioral health care workers to renew their credentials during a […]

Local Democrats choose Dalesandro as chair

Clark County Democrats have chosen Battle Ground City Councilmember Mike Dalesandro as the party’s new chair.  Dalesandro was selected during a meeting Monday night to replace John Oberg. Other members of […]

Elected GOP officials claiming ‘antifa’ responsible for Capitol riot

State and local officials in the Republican party are repeating the baseless claim that “antifa” was or may have been responsible for the violent right-wing riot at the nation’s Capitol […]

Rep. Kraft: ‘Reject the results and the electoral votes’

State Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver, said she would have joined the group of Republican lawmakers who did not accept the results of the presidential election on Wednesday. In an email -- […]

Mattila tapped as local GOP chair

The Clark County Republican Party has elected Joel Mattila, a longtime local party operative, as its chair. Mattila was selected to replace Earl Bowerman during meetings Saturday and Sunday to form […]

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