Month: November 2018

WaPo notes Herrera Beutler’s unique place in new Congress (but it’s probably not what you think)

Earlier this week, The Washington Post ran a post-election analysis that looked at which demographic groups are representing each in the incoming Congress. It also contained a surprising fact about […]

Community asks Vancouver Council to speak against hate groups

Some Vancouver citizens want the City Council to issue a statement against Patriot Prayer. Four residents testified during Monday's meeting rallying against the group's actions and the fact that Patriot Prayer […]

What Marc Boldt said on his last appearance on Clark County Focus

Clark County Council Chair Marc Boldt appeared on Clark County Focus for what’s likely to be the last time earlier this week. The show, which is broadcast on CVTV (the C-SPAN […]

Benton returns to Olympia to swear in state Selective Service director

Vancouver's favorite former state senator is on the road again. Instead of potentially violating the Hatch Act with an appearance in Hawaii, Don Benton is traveling to Olympia to swear […]

Oregon third-bridge proponent loses reelection

The dream of a third bridge across the Columbia River suffered a set back in last week’s election and it happened in Oregon. State Rep. Rich Vial, a Republican representing a […]

CCRP censures Republican PCO for not being Republican

Kelly Hinton, known to many as K.J., was censured by the Clark County Republican Party Wednesday evening. Essentially, the party Mean-Girled him. Hinton is not allowed to sit with them. Hinton is […]

I-5 Bridge may benefit from $500B transportation plan

Why does it matter to Southwest Washington that an Oregon representative is the likely chair of a powerful House committee? It could be the next step toward a new Interstate […]

Why Eric Holt asked that a Facebook ad be taken down

The most recent count of ballots shows Clark County Democrats aren’t that great at winning elections. But at least they have someone on their side who is good at using […]

Southwest Wa Priorities come from Seattle and other independent expenditures

In the final weeks leading up to tomorrow’s elections, local candidates have had a helping hand — full of money. Specifically, this help has come in the form of independent expenditures […]

Local Democrat says Republican candidate stole her Facebook photo

Michele McDermid said that Eileen Quiring, Republican candidate for Clark County Council chair, stole a photo she had posted to Facebook and is using it in a campaign mailer to […]

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