Month: October 2017

City’s day center proposal earns Ceci Ryan Smith’s approval

The city of Vancouver announced a new proposed day center for homeless residents Monday. The move was largely lauded by the community as a positive decision and a good location. […]

Vancouver, B.C.’s port race looks strangely similar to Vancouver, Wash.

The race for port commissioner in Vancouver, British Columbia looks strangely similar to the same race in Vancouver, Wash. At least that’s the takeaway from a recent campaign mailer from the […]

The state AG isn’t investigating Don Orange

Last week, The Columbian had a story about the behind-the-scene efforts to remove Port of Vancouver commissioner candidate Don Orange from the ballot. Relying on leaked emails, we revealed how […]

Rumors and the Republican Party

As is the case with any contentious group, the Oct. 17 Clark County Republican Party special meeting resulted in a flood of rumors. The meeting was especially charged as it […]

Can a pre-paid ballot fix low voter turnout?

Today marks the first day of Washington's voting period, the beginning of our annual democratic process. But participation in non-Presidential elections are low. Clark County had a voter turnout of more than […]

In a strange twist, Kris Greene also suspects his email was hacked

Earlier today, I opened my email inbox and was surprised to see an email from Kris Greene, a candidate for the Port of Vancouver commission. If you’ve been reading the paper […]

Mayor Leavitt stands by Kris Greene endorsement

According to Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, Port Commission Candidate Kris Greene “can bring this community together to lead the Port of Vancouver into our future.” At least that’s what he says […]

Vicki Kraft will help you get a grant from a budget that doesn’t exist (yet)

When the Washington Legislature concluded the last of three special session over the summer they failed to pass a two-year capital budget, which would have provided $4 billion in funding […]

Moms protest gun violence at Herrera Beutler’s office

In Wednesday’s afternoon chill, about 65 people from Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America gathered outside Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s Vancouver office to demand better protection from gun violence. The […]

Cox publicly apologizes to Councilor Burkman

As promised, former mayoral candidate Steven Cox attended the Vancouver City Council meeting Oct. 9 and apologized to Councilor Jack Burkman. “I sacrificed myself to the altar of truth and honesty,” […]

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