Vancouver, B.C.’s port race looks strangely similar to Vancouver, Wash.

Vancouver, B.C.'s "health & safety is at stake in this election."

Vancouver, B.C.’s “health & safety is at stake in this election.”

The race for port commissioner in Vancouver, British Columbia looks strangely similar to the same race in Vancouver, Wash.

At least that’s the takeaway from a recent campaign mailer from the Washington Conservation Voters political action committee, which has taken an interest in the race.

In Vancouver, Wash., the race for port commissioner is between Don Orange, an opponent of a proposed oil terminal, and Kris Greene, who has said he wants to see the review process for the project seen through.

The cover of the WCV mailer features a scenic picture of Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, B.C. According to the mailer, there are two candidates running for port commissioner in Vancouver, B.C. who, astoundingly, have the same names and are running on the same issues. They even look exactly alike!

Maybe this is proof that we’ve slipped into some sort of parallel dimension where America’s Vancouver is Canada’s Vancouver. Maybe everyone is really polite, says “aboot” and “oot” and salutes President Trudeau under the star-spangled maple leaf flag. It sounds strange but this race has already been so strange.

It’s also entirely possible that the Seattle-based WCV accidentally used a picture of the wrong Vancouver.

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