In a strange twist, Kris Greene also suspects his email was hacked

Earlier today, I opened my email inbox and was surprised to see an email from Kris Greene, a candidate for the Port of Vancouver commission.

If you’ve been reading the paper for the past couple days, you’ll know that he hasn’t been eager to talk to me. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that he reached out. I was even more surprised to see the content of his email, which simply read:

Where se you


Kris L Greene

Candidate for Port of Vancouver Commissioner District 1

My mind immediately began racing. What was he trying to tell me? Was it a coded message? Was it a hint at some great untold story of this already unusual race?

I wrote back to Greene.

He replied: “Not sure what that is, I may be hacked, thx for letting me know”.


That was the same explanation that Carolyn Crain gave me when I asked about why she appeared on email thread with Greene discussing an effort to remove Don Orange, the other candidate in the race, from the ballot.

Has everyone’s email been hacked? Can I trust any email anymore?

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