Month: October 2014

Madore’s big contribution

Political observers were waiting for County Commissioner David Madore to throw his money behind one of this year's campaigns. He has so far given money to several Republican candidates, but […]

Mielke mobile

A recent topic of conversation among county commissioners has been whether to lower, or alter in some way, their monthly car allowance. Currently the commissioners receive $600 a month. Next […]

Vancouver can’t pay for doggie “country club”

In April, the city of Vancouver disclosed the incentives used to lure Banfield Pet Hospital from Portland. On Monday, development overlord Chad Eiken was going through the incentives with the council, which needs […]

Vancouver may take stance on proposed county charter

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt said today he'll ask city councilors at Monday's meeting if they want to discuss possibly taking a formal stance on the proposed Clark County charter that will be on […]

When will downtown be revitalized?

I've heard and written the phrase "downtown revitalization," too many times to count. After it appeared in business reporter Aaron Corvin's Sept. 28 Q&A with Teresa Brum, the city of […]

Gardner lands prominent endorsement

A sheriff's race can, at times, appear like a battle of endorsements. Sides are picked and alliances made. Guilds skew one way or the other. And with each well-known name […]

Tough talkin’ Nuge

A series of emails, released as part of a public records request, is shedding light on what happened before and immediately after the Clark County Fair disinvited controversial rocker Ted […]

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